Important Metaphors of Life

I had almost successfully removed the pedestal from underneath me that I had built there.  The pedestal that the perfect ME resides most of the time.  That was until I was so close to standing firmly on my own two feet again, and then I had simply lost it.  I fell down… HARD!  Instead of just climbing right back on top of it, I decided it was too hard to do, and besides… I truly didn’t care what others thought about me, or did I?  I made a conscious decision to destroy the unstable pedestal that remained in my heart with kerosene and a vengeance.

It became a huge struggle for me to keep others in my life from noticing that I had fallen and it didn’t take long for me to start thinking I wasn’t good enough to stand so tall anyhow.  This led me to start thinking about this metaphor of a “pedestal” more clearly.  Was this metaphor an excuse for me to fall down, or was this metaphor a challenge to live my life without it?  After all, I didn’t even really notice the pedestal that I was standing on  until I had fallen off of it.

My “pedestal” metaphor might be someone else’s “rock bottom”… or, it may simply be my mountain top or success.

True Easter Tests

As he walks out the front door, with good intentions or not, I think about my path of destruction so obviously turned inward…

HIS own path of destruction turned outwards may just leave him sadly mistaken…

I will stand strong for my beliefs and my children will breathe no impact.  It gives me great joy that they were more concerned about what their dress of false worship would be more than the house that they would worship in…

Sadly, the only true sufferer in all of this is HIS son.

Lord, thank you for testing our marriage, but it is NOT going to break us, FATHER!!!