Important Metaphors of Life

I had almost successfully removed the pedestal from underneath me that I had built there.  The pedestal that the perfect ME resides most of the time.  That was until I was so close to standing firmly on my own two feet again, and then I had simply lost it.  I fell down… HARD!  Instead of just climbing right back on top of it, I decided it was too hard to do, and besides… I truly didn’t care what others thought about me, or did I?  I made a conscious decision to destroy the unstable pedestal that remained in my heart with kerosene and a vengeance.

It became a huge struggle for me to keep others in my life from noticing that I had fallen and it didn’t take long for me to start thinking I wasn’t good enough to stand so tall anyhow.  This led me to start thinking about this metaphor of a “pedestal” more clearly.  Was this metaphor an excuse for me to fall down, or was this metaphor a challenge to live my life without it?  After all, I didn’t even really notice the pedestal that I was standing on  until I had fallen off of it.

My “pedestal” metaphor might be someone else’s “rock bottom”… or, it may simply be my mountain top or success.

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