Some Call It Spring “Break”

Working on other projects has inhibited my blogging greatly, which is actually just an excuse for being extremely busy. I beg you to please forgive me.

Lots of new things going on… I brought home another newborn baby girl from the hospital a couple of weeks ago who was born into foster care addicted to methamphetamine along with her slightly older sis who despite being a baby herself was infested with head lice. Shortly after treatment, they both developed a significant cold with cough which ended up raging through our entire household during our Spring Break. Luckily, Kylie & Lopez were house sitting for Lopez’s parents while they are on a trip, and missed (hopefully) most of the drama around here. Thank goodness, since Kylie is getting so close to delivery of our first Grand child!

Parenting 8 has been challenging especially not feeling too great while fighting whatever the babies brought, but seriously, it  has sparked a deep passion inside of me to seek revenge on the ding dong ditchers that ravage my doorbell at exactly 12:05 every single night since Spring Break started!

Despite the passion for petty revenge, and delusions of grandure as I imagine the little juvenile culprit penetrating a perfectly placed thumbtack deep into their mischievous finger. School will once again go back into session, the ding dong ditchers will eventually lose interest, Kylie and Lopez will celebrate the arrival of their baby, and head lice treatments will cease to exist. The aftermath of this epic storm of Spring Break 2016 will all soon be a distant memory. There will be 2 more babies in the world who will know unconditional love, but might not ever remember us, and my kids will have once again learned compassion and how to love unconditionally.  It’s a win win and so far turning out to be the best Spring Break ever!




Woke up with a wicked stomach ache this morning. Although delicious and tastier than any vanilla cake with Bavarian cream filling could ever possibly be, the birthday cake officially put me over the edge of the holiday food slump and now I am either experiencing withdrawals of it all or I have really had my fill. If that wasn’t enough information for you to understand how my New Year’s Resolutions are going… Before the holiday stomach ache began to rule my sleepless nights, the piles on my desk were apparent, now they are just an avalanche, or maybe more like a land slide of miscombobulated paper headache. I literally don’t even know where to start. I would have had some organizational inspiration if only I would have even opened my Sunday paper due to the clever timing of all that crap being on sale this exact time of year, but unfortunately that was the last paper that started the said landslide. Landslides aside, belly ache aside, high caloric birthday cake aside, excuses aside, extreme lack of organizational inspiration aside, it’s time to tackle the monotonous tasks. Its a thankless job, but someone has to do it, with or without a bottle of Pepto.







A Holiday Story (Part 1)

      It was the first snow fall of the season as the Holiday family finished up their Thanksgiving supper. Five tiny noses leaned against the foggy, dining room window as their foster mother took on the daunting task of dishes after such a feast that she actually began preparing a week ago, but took exactly 19 minutes to eat. With a sigh and a sweet twinkle in her eye, as she plopped her tired, tall, skinny self onto the chair, Joy looked up at her husband, Jason of 22 years and smiled. A smile that created a feeling in Jason which provoked him to smile back so big that all five children turned around from the snowy window at once. “If you all would like to go hunting for a Christmas tree tomorrow, you better hope this storm passes”,Jason scorns with a smirk. All five children frown at once and scurry up to get ready for bed.

     Jason and Joy Holiday were long time High School sweethearts. Married exactly two months after graduation, they both had dreams of having a big happy family. Throughout college, they spent every second together until eventually earning degrees in education. As teachers of the local elementary school, they naturally loved the children of their small community town of Winterville, Minnesota.
     Teaching in such a small community was stressful at times. Many students in their classrooms were children of migrant farm workers. Money in the community was always tight. Even Jason and Joy experienced their share of financial strain, but when either one of them would realize a child in need, they just had to do something about it. A child without a winter jacket would have one the very next day. A child whose parent went to work before dawn, was expected to drop their child at the Holiday’s, where Joy would fix them bacon and sour dough pancakes with real maple syrup and Jason would make sure they made it to school each and every day. They never expected payment or anything in return. 
     Although they always had dreams of a family, it became evident that the community’s children would be their family that they dreamed of. It was unclear if there was just never time or if they made a conscious decision, but Jason and Joy Holiday would never have any of their own biological children and this was their special thing that kept them so full of love for each other. Joy could look deep into Jason’s eyes and although never said, they both knew that they were happier than they could ever be. They also knew that bringing their own child into their community would only take from the other children in their lives that were already in so much need. 
     As the years passed, The Holiday’s became licensed to provide foster care, so they could occasionally provide a temporary home for children in their community of Winterville. This was difficult at times, but brought Jason and Joy even closer. Sometimes, there would be as many as 10 children in their home. It wasn’t rare to get a call in the middle of the night to take in an infant. Jason learned how to change diaper in 2 seconds flat and Joy learned how to be a mother of an infant in less than 2 seconds flat, which ironically is pretty much how biological parents learn too! Joy would take 2 or 3 days off as a teacher to take the child to been seen by a doctor, enable all services needed, and buy all of the things an infant or child would need. Most of the time, the children they would take in had absolutely nothing. The school had a back up substitute for Joy when this was needed, as Jason and Joy Holiday weren’t the only giving people in the small community of Winterville. Joy’s substitute, Mrs. Bailey was a retired teacher who volunteered her time to teach Joy’s class. 
    On this Thanksgiving night, The Holiday family consisted of 5 children: 2 year old Lacey, 3 year old Jack, 6 year old twin girls: Lucy and Laura Lynn, and 12 year old “Sissy”. All of the children had different biological parents with the exception of the twins. Each one was extraordinarily special and everyone had a story including the oldest, Sissy, whose parents had just passed away in a car accident over a month before. She came to live with The Holiday’s while Child Protection explored other family placement for her. Sissy was a student of Jason’s class and had been a student in Joy’s class before that. 
     As Joy finishes up putting away the last Thanksgiving dish, and Jason heads up the stairs to read the nightly bed time story, a ring on the doorbell startles their exhausted peacefulness. It was dark and very late. The snow storm was dumping enormous amounts of snow. Joy says to Jason, “who could that possibly be in this storm?” She proceeds to the door, peeks through the window and sees nothing. As she retreats back to the kitchen, she is overcome by a feeling. A deep down something that made her go back to the door.  As she carefully opened the door, she looked down on the snow covered porch to find a cardboard box labeled “fragile, please deliver to Mrs. Joy Holiday.”  Joy picked up the box and brought it inside. It’s taped carelessly and as a little fear topped with curiosity begins to set in to her, she peeks inside to find a newborn baby peacefully sleeping inside and swaddled in a bathroom towel along with an envelope with nothing but a Christmas card inside. 
                                          To Be Continued…