Some Call It Spring “Break”

Working on other projects has inhibited my blogging greatly, which is actually just an excuse for being extremely busy. I beg you to please forgive me.

Lots of new things going on… I brought home another newborn baby girl from the hospital a couple of weeks ago who was born into foster care addicted to methamphetamine along with her slightly older sis who despite being a baby herself was infested with head lice. Shortly after treatment, they both developed a significant cold with cough which ended up raging through our entire household during our Spring Break. Luckily, Kylie & Lopez were house sitting for Lopez’s parents while they are on a trip, and missed (hopefully) most of the drama around here. Thank goodness, since Kylie is getting so close to delivery of our first Grand child!

Parenting 8 has been challenging especially not feeling too great while fighting whatever the babies brought, but seriously, it  has sparked a deep passion inside of me to seek revenge on the ding dong ditchers that ravage my doorbell at exactly 12:05 every single night since Spring Break started!

Despite the passion for petty revenge, and delusions of grandure as I imagine the little juvenile culprit penetrating a perfectly placed thumbtack deep into their mischievous finger. School will once again go back into session, the ding dong ditchers will eventually lose interest, Kylie and Lopez will celebrate the arrival of their baby, and head lice treatments will cease to exist. The aftermath of this epic storm of Spring Break 2016 will all soon be a distant memory. There will be 2 more babies in the world who will know unconditional love, but might not ever remember us, and my kids will have once again learned compassion and how to love unconditionally.  It’s a win win and so far turning out to be the best Spring Break ever!