Sunny Road

Someone once told me that the more information one knows about you, the more they have to use against you. My first thought was “I have nothing to hide!” I obviously didn’t fully understand this at the time this advice was dispensed to me.

It was only after someone that I considered a friend had used some things that were said in a hurtful way and used it as a desperate attempt to get what they wanted. It was in that very moment that I truly thought I understood this advice.
Today, I actually decided to apply this to my life, this wise advice once given to me. It didn’t feel good… I wanted to defend everything she said with hurtful, mean things back, but I realized in that moment that I would only be giving more of my integrity away… more of myself, and ultimately exposing my vulnerable road of despair. Don’t get me wrong, even knowing this risky exposure, it was SO hard to NOT be defensive. Almost as difficult as passing up a slice of pizza pie heaven after resigning to a diet, AGAIN!!
I stood in this moment & reminded myself that it is not my job to teach this mean, spiteful person how to travel her road she was on. I had applied this advice once given to me and I decided NOT to give her anything else to add to my heart that was already swirling in the blender.
I shut the hot door securely behind me and began my uncomfortable journey on the high road… A road often less traveled, along with the advice I should’ve taken a long time ago! A perfect, sunny path that I will join my mom on! Thanks for the advice, mama! I fully understand now!