23 Weeks & A Custody Case

Adrian is kicking harder every day! We have all felt a little “hello” kick  from our little guy after patiently waiting with our hands held over Kylie’s swollen belly. At 23 weeks, Kylie and Lopez are already over half way through their pregnancy and Kylie couldn’t be feeling any better.

It’s been 95 days since Lopez has seen his infant son from a previous relationship. His baby’s mother continues to refuse to accommodate visitation. At the pre-trial custody hearing on December 23rd, Lopez’s attorney requested and was awarded a continuance in order to obtain paternity through child support because his baby’s mother continues to also refuse to submit to a DNA test voluntarily.

Christmas was bitter sweet for  Lopez as his son’s gifts were the only ones left unopened after Christmas morning, although hopeful anticipation was renewed after a visit with his attorney the following week, as they went over their legal plan. Next step, full custody and to be honest, after watching my son in law’s heart ache over the absence of his son in his life for the past 95 days, I will not feel sorry for his ex once we win his case… I don’t think anyone will, actually!