Shiny Shoes

We walked into Dillard’s Department Store… Sorry! Shiny shoes are hilarious no matter where you come from and we couldn’t help ourselves from gawking, stroking, and imagining each one of us ever wearing these in our everyday lives. This was a bit ironic as it seemed that all 10 of us were in fact incidentally being gawked at. Our family has always been a sight of sorts everywhere we go. Maybe it’s because it’s so large and hard to tell when the immediate becomes extended. Maybe it’s because we wear snow boots scarves, hats, and mittens while traipsing through the mall instead of  being adorned in pashminas and shiny shoes. It’s not because we can’t afford them, but mostly because we are practical by nature. For God’s sake, it’s under 20 degrees outside! Which leads me to why we were there in the first place. It’s a practical family’s duty to take advantage of the after Christmas sales. Everything in sight is on sale, clearanced, or “gimmicked” to be rid of, and “after Christmas madness” seemed to be in full swing. I should be relaxed and relieved to have the stress of the holiday successfully behind me. As a mother of such a large family, one can only imagine all of the kind of crazy I go through getting ready for what I always strive to be, hands down, the greatest day of the year for my family.  I have always loved the excitement of the renewed feelings of starting over and going into a New Year of great possibilities, but for some reason, now that the Holidays are officially over, I was sad. I lacked the usual excitement. What caused this unusual melancholy to sink into my soul, you wonder? I think it was this sign I snapped a picture of on our way home from the shiny shoe store, don’t get me started counting all the ways this seems just plain wrong, and it made me sad. Hmmm… maybe my New Year of possibilities should include a pair of shiny shoes!