Football Is Dead!

Wrapping presents today… 4 perfectly wrapped boxes with ribbons and bows down, now I am already bored of it, my neck hurts from standing, try sitting… done for now. Let’s see, 10 people times 7-8 presents each, that’s approximately 75 gifts. I contemplate a good cry, then head back to wrapping. Simple is better, right? “Simple isn’t Santa”… decide to go with extravagant, elaborate… officially done now because I have effectively ran out of tape, go figure. Did I happen to mention that football, (holy hell!, why does my spell-checker capitalize the word, football?) Everything about football is starting to get on my nerves! If it’s not acting like a proper noun and if it’s not playing on every television in our house, teens will be literally playing it/gaming it on every television in the house. My dear readers, and fellow Hallmark Channel fans, this is bigger that just limited use of the household remote. Football literally makes all guys start to balk at everything Christmas… football is killing the Christmas spirit all around the world, well… all around the world that football is played simply because women are constantly trying to change the channel from football to Hallmark. Hmmm… Makes me want to go Dashing Through The Snow right this second, after all, can’t finish wrapping all 75 presents until I go out and buy more tape! 


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