Ahh… The Christmas Letter

Seasons Greetings! We hope this letter finds you happy and healthy!

I am going to be honest, I have really been putting this annual Christmas letter writing off this year. For one thing, so many things going on with the kids seemed to be constantly up in the air and while waiting for a resolution to report on, it occurred to me that I might be waiting forever! For another thing, most everyone has a good idea of The Idaho McCarthy Family Happenings because I blog about them 3 times per week! 
In memory of my late Grandma Renken, who actually thought the world was ending the one year I decided to skip sending a card, well… here goes…
I will start with me, my life is a whirlwind of consumption. Consumed with kids, consumed with life, but trying so hard to let go of the grammar errors,because, quite frankly, they don’t really matter and that makes me happy!
Shane is working a lot. He is looking forward to taking a week off over the holiday and spending some good quality time with the family!
Josh and Allison made a go at their retail store, “Bonnie’s Boutique”. There was a series of events that made them shut the doors a couple of months ago. I wasn’t as sad as they were, because I missed them living so far away! They moved into the tiny house in our backyard. Josh is working full time and Allison is a full time college student once again. 
Kylie was married in October to Juan Jose Lopez, Jr. (Most call him “Junior”, but we call him “Lopez” because we already have one of those!) They live in the “apartment” above our garage, which I love because they are always so close! Lopez has a baby from a previous relationship that they are fighting for custody of, and he and Kylie are expecting a baby early May. For the record, I think it’s a girl!
Isaac is going to be 15 next month. Hard to believe my little 4 pound preemie is taller than me now… I am really not that short! We are running out of excuses why he can’t get his license until he is 30, but we will see what the future holds in that regard.
Sage just turned 13. She is in the depths of the “tween stage” for sure. A near fatal accident involving one of her besties last year allowed her some very rare “tween insight” when she was able to realize what is important in life. We all did! 
Edward (Junior) is 7 years old, missing some teeth up front, but instead of asking Santa for his 2 front teeth, he told me last night that he really wants a scooter. 
Aliyah just turned 6. She is in full day Kindergarten this year. It was bitter sweet. She asked me the other day when  she could go to the gym with me again. I do miss her while she is at school. For so long, it was just me and Aliyah!
Ahh, the gift of the Christmas letter… It’s definitely hard to appreciate all of the growth in the family, simply because we see them every single day. This letter has allowed me to do just that! 
Merry Christmas to all!
I will print my Christmas letter and tuck it inside these vintage Christmas cards which I bought on EBay and mail them out to all of my friends and family. They will not only receive the gift of a blast from the past, but stay on top of all the current events going on in the family too! 

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