Thank You For All Your Thoughts & Prayers

The day before yesterday, we had a court hearing. I watched my son in law epically fail at his attempt to fight for his son. What also came to my attention was everything he ever said to us regarding his baby’s mother was, absolutely true. It completely broke my heart.

YES! it’s been exactly 62 days since he has been allowed to see his son. It’s established that she is officially on a mission.YES! She pulled the paternity card,”no he’s not my son’s father, but give me child support anyway” YES! She pulled the “I got a crappy attorney at the very last second card, don’t bother over her hour lateness” or her unprofessional conduct and don’t forget her very own smug smile as she gallantly trotted out of the court room. She apparently doesn’t read my blog and understand what happens to people on high pedestals! Finally, YES! Lopez is a man now, taking admirable steps to make a life for his family.We are so very proud of him.Lopez should not be underestimated,he has his whole family officially behind him as of today, to be exact! oh & Hallmark Channel, how did you know that I needed something a little more? The many stockings are now hanging by the chimney with care!
Did I mention we have another grand baby on the way? Kylie has been feeling movement often, “distracting” her even!, which is cute when Lopez gets annoyed that she isn’t paying any attention to what’s going on around her because she is so focused on baby in the belly! She had her PICC line thankfully removed today after no need for any treatment for a couple of weeks!

We are very hopeful for the next hearing on Dec. 23, Lopez has retained the best family court attorney in the valley, thanks to my parents and their generosity and loving hearts! I also wanted to thank all of the donors on our Gofundme page!  His attorney will be on record in Lopez’s custody suit by Tuesday.

Also, for the record, happiness comes from people that love you, not smug courtroom ugliness. Oh, and speaking from first hand experience, watch out for compromises in the integrity of the pedestal that is so obviously and currently under construction. It really can be a bitch sometimes!

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