Creating Memories

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and with the anticipation of having the whole family together again, I wanted to make it special without a lot of work or money.

All this week, I will set up a little “ornament station” where, while my family and friends are patiently waiting for Turkey, or they just drop in to say, Happy Holidays, they can create their very own clay ornament! We can bake them when finished, date them with a permanent marker and for years to come, we will always remember the memories of this very special family holiday! 
Project Details:
This is not average kid’s clay, we used Sculpey oven-bake clay. I bought a large variety of colors at a local craft store for about $15. I will have finished ornaments placed on a cookie sheet and will bake them all at once when the cookie sheet is full. (Instructions for baking and working with clay is detailed on the back of the box of clay) After they are baked to perfection and completely cooled, we applied Modge Podge, but really, any clear-drying sealant will work. Make sure you remember to stick a little hook or some cord in it before baking in order to be able to hang it on the tree later! 
*It’s probably been awhile for many of you to recall the basics of Play-Doh use, but just in case, please remember to store the opened, unused clay in a sealed plastic storage bag to prevent it from drying out!
*Another tip: thinner is better for weight is never a good thing on a tree!
I will post pics of our finished ornaments after the Holiday, but we found a whole bunch of inspiration for ideas on Pinterest!
Happy Thanksgiving, readers! I am thankful for you everyday!


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