Updates & Cupcakes

It all came apparent to me yesterday that regarding Kylie’s health and her pregnancy, that she and baby are going to be just fine. Yesterday marked 16 weeks! They have an appointment next week to learn the gender, but will keep it a secret between themselves. From what I understand, they plan to have a very special Christmas gift in store! I can’t wait, but I think it’s a girl… no, maybe a boy! 

Morning sickness has lightened up remarkably. The home health nurse still comes out once a week. Kylie hasn’t needed zofran as often in her PICC line, but the fluids and vitamins once a day have been a life saver! She is already talking about getting her PICC line removed, which sounds ridiculous after how much she needed it just a few short weeks ago! She still takes all of her formula through her feeding tube. Her Phenylalanine levels were a little too low, so we have decreased the amount of formula. She has also increased the protein in her diet. We are anticipating perfect results!

Lopez has been an amazing husband. He has been by Kylie’s side the whole time. I can’t imagine there are a whole lot of 18 year olds out there that would be willing to stick around through all of Kylie’s kind of crazy pregnancy. Kylie has been good to Lopez too. She always has his supper set aside for him every night on the warmer when he has a late class. She continues to support his mission to get his son from a previous relationship back, which has definitely not been a walk in the park. The day before yesterday, they were both feeling under the weather and made 3 trips to the courthouse regarding his case to get his son back. I am confident that they will soon find out that their hard work will pay off and baby Lopez will be back in their arms again!
As for me, I have slowly started to allow the kids to take back a few responsibilities as I explained before, I was doing too much for them. I am still looking for the balance, but I feel good about it! I have more time for things like making after school cupcakes again and that makes my sunshine smile!! (when her mouth isn’t full)
We have all been a bit under the weather and in attempt to get a little more vitamin C on board, I take any vanilla cake mix and replace the water that the recipe calls for with fresh squeezed oranges. Pulp and zest too! I have done this in the past with limes, lemons, and/or mango also. They are always tasty, moist, & full of vitamin C! 


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