With Love From Family At 15 Weeks

It’s always a a joy when a baby is going to come and grace one’s family home. When I was growing up, the thought of a sibling having brought a baby home to my parent’s family home would’ve been such a foreign thought. I am not sure what makes this so much different. After all, like Kylie, I too was married at 18. I was only 20 when my first child was born.
Kylie’s brother, Isaac is only 4 years younger than she is. I look at him and realize that to an adult, 4 years goes by in a blink of an eye. To a child, everything can change in that very same blink! Isaac is still growing up and Kylie has effectively decided that she is all grown up. 
I often wonder how this experience is going to change not just Isaac, but each and every one of Kylie’s siblings. After all, they have a front row seat to the realistic struggles on the journey of creating a family. This may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, or a curse… but for now, I feel good about the love they all show for Kylie and her new little family every day, right now, right here, in our family home.

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