Notes From The Broken Hearted

I have spent the past couple of days with a broken heart and ran mascara. I am sincerely touched by all of your letters. Many of my readers emailed letters from other family members which made me realize how important it was for me to read every single one. I chose one that I was hoping I could share in order to bring a voice to the pain I have literally felt through all of your letters in your own words.


For my sweet Addyson,
You don’t know me because I just found out that I am your dad. It makes me sad when I think of everything I have missed out on the past 5 years of your life. I have missed out on loving you and I can’t help but wonder if maybe me and your mom could’ve worked things out if I knew about you. Most of all, I missed out on the chance to take care of you in every way. I know I would’ve taken those extra shifts to buy you everything you needed.
Even though your Mom kept you from me, I respect her for taking care of you the best way she could. I want you to know, Addy that you the most important little girl in my life from this day forward. I am fighting to have you in my life. I am fighting for my right to provide for you. I am your dad and your mom can’t take that away from us. Even though we haven’t met each other yet, I love you so much. Love, dad.
I also wanted to share one more thing. Regardless of helping care for Kylie’s daily health issues, going to school full time, and working, Lopez has his son on his mind constantly! It’s been over a month and his baby’s mother is still refusing visitation. This is what Lopez posted yesterday:
I cant wait for my baby boy to get his present from his daddy!(:

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