Setbacks And Sadness

It is really difficult to keep faith in a goal that continues to prove setbacks every single day. Of course paternity would become an issue now. She sure didn’t contest paternity when she was asking him for money and diapers everyday.We predicted it from her and this only means more money and stress for Lopez’s custody process.

My faith in the process was tested when I walked in and Kylie was holding her husband’s head as he cried. It never occurred to them that he wasn’t his baby’s father and the accusations that hurt him deeply were so evident. I wanted to just protect them from that hurt and just let it all go. 
I have had these same thoughts early on in Kylie’s pregnancy. Giving up seemed the only option at times and her joy was the only thing that kept my faith in the process.Ironically, now I find myself taking faith in their sadness instead of their joy. 
These moments are bringing them closer together. Their love together, their joy together, and their sadness together is ultimately helping their dream of a family come together, one setback at a time!

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