Change Is The Key To A Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a Queen of a great castle far, far away. Every morning as the Queen woke from her slumber, she went about her great bedroom tidying here, and tidying there. Everything must be in its place, big and small. Even though the Queen of the castle had others to do the tidying for her, she insisted that she was the only one far and near that could do an exceptional job. 

When the Queen had finished, she moved on to the rest of the castle dusting, scrubbing, and scurrying about. Before she knew it, the Queen had realized that the sun for the day was nearing the horizon and it would soon set. 

As the Queen lay her head for the night, her exhaustion turned to sadness when she realized that she had done nothing else that day, but care for her castle. She told herself that her little princess couldn’t have missed her, her socialites didn’t need anyone to socialize with, and her business interests could continue business without her. They would just need to wait until the Queen’s exhausted slumber was over. After all, she thought, the sun would rise again, and tomorrow is a new day.
It was a grand plan and very well intentioned. The sun did rise again, as the Queen began to tidy her room, she realized that if she kept on with the same, day after day that her tomorrow would never come!
“Change is the magical key for a new fairytale tomorrow”~AM

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