Chaos And Candy

It’s Monday again and regardless of it only being November 2nd, it seems the holidays are officially in full swing! I will admit that I love the chaos, endless baking, and the hustle and bustle!

Kylie has rounded the corner of her first trimester and her nausea and vommitting have only lightened due to having her PICC line being placed. Despite a few hiccups with the line, we are getting the hang of it! With less nausea and second trimester energy coming on, I can foresee a new challenge on the horizon. Cravings are hard to deal with being pregnant with Phenylketonuria (PKU). She is going to need to be more careful with the monitoring of her blood levels along with detailed nutrition journaling. 
Kylie and Lopez went on their little overnight honeymoon Friday night courtesy of his parents. It was so special of them to give Kylie and Lopez an opportunity to have that experience and celebrate their union with each other before baby comes. 
With my kids up to their eyeballs in Halloween candy and the holidays officially in full swing, this week is bound to bring me sheer joy or a headache! Either way, I won’t give up and I will try my hardest not to fall from my pedestal that might need some repairs today!

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