Raging River

His demeanor is valor worthy, as I read the pain on his face from time to time. 
Lopez recently experienced the first process of custody by means of an informative class to be followed by a mediation with a “mediator”- (as in what the what are her credentials, because last time I checked, bullying a 17 year old may or may not have consequences) and of course his baby’s mother was there too, face to face. The mediator felt perplexed enough to ask him why he wouldn’t just be grateful and take weekends and holidays once in awhile, because he is a “father” and that’s what he should expect… Unfortunately, we will be going to trial with only the best custody attorney! Unfortunate because next available trial isn’t until February 2016.

As proud as I am that he stood his ground, I wish he would have spoken his true feelings. He worries every day for his child’s well being while his baby is in his mother’s care. Reasons for this are as follows:
1.  She has previously been found guilty of injury to her first child whom she no longer has custody of. (Public Record)
2.  She has had or currently has a warrant issued for her arrest. (Public Record)
3.  She has been unable to meet his child’s basic needs.
4.  She was 23 years old when he was only 16 when his baby was conceived.

Because of  reason #4, we have become his baby boy’s advocate as Lopez is 18 now, with his baby boy’s half sibling on the way, which invests us even more.

Dear Lopez, We promise to fight for your rights as a father and the welfare of your child. We wil never back down, ever! Try not to be sad when her spite prevents you from the missed milestones that are evident and come to fruition, every single day. Your good intentions will prevail.

“The tears from your past left a raging river to cross.The present swim is too cold, don’t be tempted by loss.The bridge you built is admirable, but less than lean. Just simply take my hand and cross with me” ~AM

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