A Blood Sucking Vampire For Halloween

Oh my gosh this has been a busy week so far. Between parties and costume needs for all my kids… honestly,I don’t even like Halloween that much!

Kylie had her PICC line placed today. The home health nurse declared her veins officially “drained” after four attempts to place a PIV yesterday. Maybe she should be a vampire for Halloween. The procedure to place it wasn’t that invasive. The only risk was radiation exposure which is low as today marks the milestone of being officially out of the first trimester! 
On top of all that, my oldest 19 year old daughter, Allison is moving back home today. I am so excited to have her home for the holidays and here for the birth of her first  niece or nephew! After a decent year running a retail space for her store, Bonnie’s Boutique, Allison has found it more cost effective to return to online & farmer’s market sales only. Leaving us a bit sad as well as hopeful for the future.
The nursery is coming together as I  finally finished my rehab project!
Dresser to Changing Station:

I upholstered the inside walls with black minky fabric.

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