The Love Is Where The Line Is

It actually feels like forever since I have shared with you, my beloved readers!

As the days go by and her belly swells, I feel biblical as if only I knew what I know now… I understand that she still needs me, but she is going to be o.k.
Again I am faced with a crossroads that may lead to crossing that line or not even remotelybut getting very close to meeting it. I would hate to be that girl that got so close, but chose the wrong dang road!
What I am trying to say is that being a person that has a tendency to be codependent, I am more likely to choose THE WRONG ROAD! It’s a daily struggle to find faith in the right road.
Guidelines in the form of questions I have learned so far…
1. If the road taken has challenges, am I willing to struggle?
2. If the road taken hurts others, does it make me genuinely sad?
3. When I get to my destination, will I be so satisfied that I will not want anything more?
After the learned applied, I am happy to report that everyone is peaceful & home in my heart of hearts once again! The line simply got lost in my love for them this time!

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