Today’s Accomplishments

“The only way to accomplish anything in this life is to live and breathe it every single day”~AM
Twice per year since Kylie and her brother were babies themselves, we have driven to Boise for the metabolic clinic. A specialist would fly in from Portland for a complete checkup for the two of them. Yesterday was the first appointment in years that the metabolic team actually gave us compliments for managing their blood values so well in the past few months.

Kylie knew when she got pregnant that it would take hard work and daily perseverence to keep her phenylanine levels low enough to have a healthy baby. It has been so hard and without the placement of the feeding tube, I am not 
sure how it could’ve been accomplished. It has been accomplished for today, at least. We probably won’t be doing any kind of celebrating because we still have a long road ahead. It’s just nice to celebrate the milestones today and once in awhile along the way!

  Baby Lopez is the size of a “lime”

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