Codependent Excess

I am so annoyed with the excess in my life right now. I am not sure if it’s stuff as in things or if it’s just a whole bunch of unfinished business. As a codependent person, I tend to pile on a lot as an excuse to just not deal. This makes me irritable and less understanding toward others around me. I am going to make a plan to get a hold on that today, before it starts affecting the ones I love.

We are scheduled for a visit to the Metabolic Clinic today and after much nagging on my part, I sincerely hope that Kylie has her diet journal filled out completely. It’s important for her medical team to be able to see what her protein intake amounts are to see how it reflects her phenylanine blood levels. 
Her daily IV infusions at home are making a big difference in Kylie’s day. Despite the occasional headache, her nausea and vomiting have greatly decreased!

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