Tender Moments

Oh my goodness, this week is going to be crazy busy! 

After a horrible weekend of nail biting fear of having to resort to ER hydration, Kylie actually felt pretty good and was able to last through without it. The home health nurse came to her rescue last night and Kylie is hep locked once again. The PICC line on hold for now. The outpatient infusion Kylie had last week proved so effective that it was decided to stick with it until it no longer is an option.
Unfortunately, Kylie was forced to drop her classes because she is just too sick, but Lopez was able to start his exam prep classes yesterday at CWI. Despite the troubles, everything still seems to be falling in place for the future of their little family!

With all of the hustle of the Fall preparations in full swing, it’s nice to stop and catch a few tender moments every now and then!

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