Kindness To The Cheaters

I received an enduring message from one of my faithful readers yesterday. She reminded me that is a daily struggle to not care what others think of her sometimes. She also pointed out that she finds herself doing the complete opposite and not even trying at all to the point of being selfish and uncaring. 

I think we all can relate to that. There is a line somewhere between where codependency to others can help you become a better, more genuine person or  it can become toxic to yourself and to others.
Remember my pedestal metaphor? An un sturdy pedestal made up of pieces with structural instability. Every unstable piece resulted from a lie or a broken bridge, and so on… You need to remember that these actions have ultimately caused someone else to hurt in some way. If and when you ever fall from your rickety pedestal, the ones you hurt to build the pedestal in which you reside are going to be the last ones that offer to help you back up!
No one knows exactly where that line is, but it is possible to focus on a strong foundation. Do not build a pedestal at all if its not going to be as strong as your own two feet on the ground. 
How do you build a strong foundation? Always be kind to others. It’s not about you having been cheated on, it’s not about your accomplishments or what you  you are doing to improve your life. Its simple, just be kind to others!

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