The Sunshine Before The Storm

After the last drop of paint makes it to the wall, the fresh new hope of the future is evident. Lopez is covered head to toe in caramel apple colored paint splatters. Kylie is feeling good today despite the fact that her 5th IV has effectively failed this morning, on a Sunday. Unknowing of what’s coming next regarding her and her unborn baby’s health hasn’t seemed to consume her as she bounces Lopez’s four month old son on her lap. She makes him smile so big that it lights up the room brighter than the sunshine.

The painting is finished, baby’s crib has been put together, and the custody papers have been filed. Regardless of what comes next, right at this moment and on this Sunday, all I can see is the beginning of a family in their new home that is full of sunshine today!
Nothing makes Kylie more excited these days more than a bowl of non dairy whipped topping & chocolate syrup, no matter how sick she is! (No doubt she is going to kill me for posting this pic of her)
The beginnings of a nursery!

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