All About Lopez

Lopez is the father of my first grandchild & no he was definitely not the father I had imagined for my first grandchild! Kylie was born with pre conceived conditions of a would~be future husband. These conditions included an unconditional love that would hold her hair back while she threw up every fifteen minutes. These conditions did not include an ex-girlfriend that would demand police attention due to threats causing unnecessary fear that would ultimately cast a gloomy cloud on Kylie’s sunny day. I have accepted the fact that she is angry as I know I would be too. 

Through all of this, I keep thinking that that no matter what he looks like he may be at first glance, his past happens to  validate his actions most of the time, in my opinion. At least the fact that he has a baby with another girl who happened to be over 20 when he was only 17 when his first son was born officially gives Lopez the benefit of my doubt!  My grand child’s father has a bad past full of people taking advantage of him. I can confidently proclaim that he is done being taken advantage of! He is our family now, our son in law, and we love him. We also love his baby boy!

Lopez’s plans for the future are great & his actions have supported his plans so far, which I will explain later! In the mean time, we are having the time of our lives preparing for our babies to finally come home!

Preparing for two babies:

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