Problems & Promises

The ultrasound to confirm viability was just yesterday. My daughter’s little kidney bean sized baby prooved a strong heartbeat&measured perfectly.

Despite the happy little camper in her belly, the past two weeks have consisted of morning sickness that has effectively turned into all day & all night sickness. Two nasal gastric j tubes have effectively been placed & threw up again. A hep lock was placed to administer IV anti-emetic medication & fluids.
Today, we are here prepping her for surgery to have a permanent gastric peg placed in her tummy. Her Phenylketonuria (PKU) requires her to take in 1800 ml of formula per day to keep her phenylalanine levels low enough as to not cause problems for her unborn child. 
As we are getting ready for this risky endeavor, I realize her joy is slowly slipping away. That same joy she held so proudly just two weeks before.As the mother of the mother to be, it was that very moment when I decided exactly what my job would need to be for the next few months. 
As she is wheeled away into the operating room, I try so hard not to show a tear… I reach over and give her husband a little slug in the arm. He looks up from his obsessive game as he earnestly tries to keep his mind busy, smiles, and together we nervously laugh together.It was then apparent we would be keeping the joy for her until she wakes up again.It just so happens to be the greatest privilege in the world to be able to share that with people that you love!

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