Mean Girl

Naïveté is a result of oppression… and now has been established as fact! I can prove this & is as follows:

Yes! She is 18 ! She makes her own decisions… We are the only ones on this planet that armed her with that ammunition! Actually, I suppose I should   give others credit first:
1.  Her father whom showed how awesomely he could stop a car/17 year old potty mouth with his own brute strength… YOLO! A GOOD mother would have pressed charges!
2.  HER mother who had an awesome way of making me look like a liar, even though I have stuck up for her psychotic actions including leaving  her kids to the point of of contemplating child protection referral!
3.  HER so called best friend, whom had a birthday & agreed to wait for her to finish school commitments,then stood her up & blatantly lied to her face! 
4.  HER best friend’s mother who HAS done everything in her power to prohibit her freedom, yet still make believe to be her shoulder to cry on simply because she has realized that her daughter can’t keep her best friend based on integrity alone…
It’s simply NO WONDER she is trying so hard to break free from the oppression, being naive annoys me & it’s simply a matter of time before it annoys her too! Maybe I should make her feel better, maybe buy her a NOOK!

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